World’s most expensive ornaments

It is human nature that man is curious to explore the world. The earth in turn has invaluable gifts for him. Nothing has ever stopped man from exploring the world and digging out precious stones, gems, and metals.  Among these priceless gems, diamond is on top, and can be easily found at Other than that, rubies, emeralds, jade, and royalty, are of great importance. It has been a trend for a long time that still exists that people like to present these expensive gems in the form of ornaments to their loved ones. Not everyone can afford to buy these and the ones who have even one of these are considered to be among the world’s richest people.

The Diamond named after Hope

On the top of the list among the world’s most pricy and unique ornaments is the blue Hope Diamond. It is said that its beautiful and unique blue tint comes from the minor amounts of boron atoms. If we see the history, this gem has been famous for having positive or somewhat negative impacts on fortune. Often, people get attracted to its beautiful luster and shine. It is shocking fact that when there is no light around this gem, it reflects crimson light. It is said that it originated in the mines of southern Indian Golkonda. Once, a French man who was a merchant of gems brought this beauty to their land. Initially, when nobody knew about it, they cut it and gave it the new name French Blue. Studies say that later Tavernier sold it to King Louis XIV with that name. Interestingly, in 1792, the royal family took this gem and cut it once more. This gem got its name “Hope” first when it was shown in London for the first time in a well-known family and this is because Hope was their last name. Today, the Hope diamond is the world’s most expensive gem that only a few people can afford. The gem is famous for its unique properties and beautiful appearance. Many people wish to wear this but unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to buy it and wear it. It comes in various forms of ornaments such as rings, necklaces, and other shapes of jewelry. It is not only used by women, but also by men.

The Peacock Brooch

After the Hope Diamond, the second most expensive and unique ornament is the peacock brooch. It has much fame in history but still stands second to the diamond of Hope. It is said to be produced by Graff Diamonds and is said to have a high price of about $100 million. The first time it was presented was at a Dutch art exhibition in 2013. The specialty of this beautiful ornament lies in the fact that it consists of about more than thirteen thousand diamond that makes up about one hundred and twenty-one carats. Moreover, it comes in a huge range of beautiful colors, including white, yellow, blue, and orange. The centerpiece consists of a deep blue diamond that is pear-shaped, which is unique. The business that originally produced this is now a global jeweler.

Pink Star

The third most expensive gem after the Hope Diamond and the Peacock brooch is the Pink Star. Despite the fact that it is came from a raw diamond, the Pink diamond weighs 59.6 carats which makes it quite an expensive gem. The Star’s current shape developed after two decades of shaping. This unique diamond was previously known by some other name.

Oppenheimer Blue

The fourth most expensive and unique gem on the list is Oppenheimer Blue. It is said to have, been named after Phillip Oppenheimer. It is a heavy gem that measures around fifteen carats. It is a beautiful blue-colored diamond that comes with a unique emerald cut. The institutes of Gemological studies report this diamond to be a large and fancy blue-colored diamond. According to these studies, this beautiful gem holds the second position in The Pink Star Diamond. This makes it high in demand and worth millions. This beautiful diamond is very famous but only a little is known about its history. Apart from the fact that it originated in Africa, very less information is available about it. But it has no effect on the beauty and high demand for this diamond. People who have it are considered lucky to be able to afford it.

The Blue Diamond

The fifth on the list of the most costly gems on the globe is the Blue moon of Josephine. Just like its name, it has a very interesting history; a story related to it. It is about a rich person in Hong Kong, he was a fugitive felon with a criminal record. He purchased this diamond back in 2014. He bought it for his daughter Josephine, who was seven years old at that time. He specified the name of the stone for her daughter Josephine. The criminal paid more than forty-nine million dollars for the 12.03-carat diamond the highest price ever paid per carat for a diamond of any color.

Hutton-Mdivani jadeite necklace

Last but not the least, the sixth most expensive ornament on the list is The Hutton-Mdivani jadeite necklace. This is an iconic piece of jade jewelry. This masterpiece consisted of 27 graded beads, a ruby, and a diamond clasp. This one also has an interesting history. So this necklace was given to an American who was also a socialite Barbara Hutton, by her father as a present for her 1933 nuptials to Georgian prince Alexis Advani. The necklace was made especially for her and was kept for 50 years, up to Hutton’s passing in 1979. By the age of 21, Barbara Hutton was among the richest women in the world. Apart from the beauty and luster of this unique necklace, many people wish to have it for the interesting history that it holds. It is liked by many people but owned by few.