When is it Too Late to Fire Your Attorney?

If you feel your attorney has failed to keek deliver the results you need from their services, it is never too late to fire your attorney. It is best to do this in writing, though you may not be allowed to disclose work product, mental impressions or theories of the case if you have not paid them yet. Moreover, it is also important not to threaten your attorney, as it only strengthens his resolve. Listed below are some of the reasons why weworld firing your attorney is okay.


The most common reason for firing an skillpage attorney is lack of communication. Sometimes, clients don’t realize that their attorney is handling several cases at the same time. A good attorney will respond to any questions promptly and explain any perceived decrease in attention to the case. However, if you’ve been unhappy with your attorney’s performance for a long time, it may be too late to fire him. In this situation, you must look for a new essembly attorney who can handle the case.


While you may feel like you can fire your attorney, it’s crucial to retain another lawyer. While you may be able to find a new lawyer quickly, the legal filestube process could be significantly slowed if you fire your current attorney. Furthermore, if you’re not satisfied with the lawyer’s performance, you could end up paying more for your legal bill. That means that you’d be better off getting a new lawyer.