Various types of pressure water pumps

Pressure pumps work by varying the pressure of the liquid from them. The force of the fluid can either be increased or decreased to perform various functions. These pumps, however, are not used to transfer liquids from one place to another. That would be the work of rotors.

This study aims to review the different types of pumps in the market and their prices to help customers make informed decisions when they need to purchase.

Water pumps can be classified using different aspects. The aspects are the pressure that is used to regulate how fluids are pumped out of a plane to its destination, the method of pumping liquids from one place to another, and the manufacturer of such pumps.

Plunger pressure pumps

Plunger pressure pumps are also known as direct flow pressure pumps. They have their pressure set at 7000 psi, which is very high. The pumps are also very versatile and have manifolds (optional) made up of nickel, aluminum, bronze, and stainless steel alloys- as their primary material. When compared to piston pumps, they give out notably high pressure.

Different types of plunger pumps exist in the form of belt-drive pumps, gearbox pumps, and standard plunger pumps. These types influence their prices which range between $550 and $3000 depending on the model, quality, and kind.

Piston pumps

Piston pumps are high-pressure pumps that are suitably used in medium-pressure situations. They release water pressure up to 1500 psi. It is negligible when compared to plunger pumps. These pumps are also known as Uniflow pumps. The pumps are suitable when a suction inlet is a necessity. They have an advantage over other pumps due to their low risk of cavitation.

Their typically low RPM of about 800 makes piston pumps suitable for installing belt drives. Piston pumps are pretty cheap when compared to plunger pumps. They may cost less than $500 when purchased from genuine vendors.

Gearbox pumps

These are heavy-duty high pressure water pumps. They are petrol driven, portable, and have pressure washers installed to make them simple to install on a petrol engine. The washers also ensure that the mount is compact and has a direct fit.

The pump eliminates pulleys because the gearbox is directly attached to several plungers. This connection also eliminates the process of selection, adjustments, and tiring installation processes. The cost of these pumps is relatively high and may range between $650 and $1000

Superflow pumps

These pumps are more economical than the gearbox pumps in their drive. Theoretically, SF-DX pumps are assumed to combine piston and plunger pumping designs. The pumps are therefore of high quality. They are primarily used with portable washers, and they are primarily used for misting. Their purpose is for commercial use intermittently.

The super flow pumps have their prices at about $3, 000 but the price varies with different vendors.


Pressure pumps are classified differently depending on their make, brand, quality, and performance. Their prices are influenced by their performance and the materials that make them, among other factors. So when choosing these types of pumps, one should consider their intended use, durability, material, and brand, among other things.

Also, one should not be afraid to seek professional help if they are clueless about what they want.