Various Aspects to Consider while Purchasing the Sunflower Oil Extraction Machines

Sunflower oil has increased in popularity over the past decades due to its wide range of applications and growing demand for sunflower oil extraction machines.

This article aims at looking at the aspects that one has to consider during the purchase of oil extraction machines.

Most of us have used sunflower oil, especially while cooking our food. This oil has recently gained popularity as more and more people purpose to eat healthier to avoid health complications brought about by unhealthy eating habits.

Sunflower oil is extracted by pressing the sunflower seeds using a machine commonly referred to as a sunflower oil presser.

Below I have highlighted some of the common and most important factors someone should look for in an oil press;


No one wants to buy any product whose quality is less than expected or surpassing expectations. For the oil press, one has to look for various factors to determine quality. One of these factors is the oil press’ outlook and the machine’s aesthetic impression.

You should also ensure that all the parts required to perform the machine’s sole purpose have been accounted for and if you availed any other required disjoined details.

Price of the machine

The pricing range of the machine is a very important factor to consider as you are looking for value for your money, and you do not want to make any future losses brought about buying a standard machine at a high price rate. Most of the sunflower oil machine price in Kenya is very reasonable but vary slightly depending on the vendors of the products.

Source of Power

Nowadays, more and more people are adapting to the use of electrical machines. Oil presses that are powered by electricity are more efficient compared to those that are run manually by human beings.

On the other hand, manual presses are less expensive compared to electrical ones since electrical pressers are more complex and difficult to manufacture than manual ones.

This power is required to crush or press the sunflower seeds to produce the oil needed. The electrical press also has an advantage as it can produce more outputs than the manual one, and over time it becomes less expensive even considering the recurring electricity expense.


The material used to make the machine is another essential aspect to consider. Most oil presses and other mechanical machines that operate on a similar idea are made using stainless steel. This element is vital because it is more resistant to rust and is not easily deformed.

On the other hand, some devices are made using very cheap or less convenient materials, resulting in the machines being less durable.


Please keep the above details in mind when purchasing any sunflower oil machine to avoid problems with your oil press machine during production. The main issue you should avoid is purchasing a device that will not serve your purpose.

As a result, it is beneficial to carefully review this oil press machine information.

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