Types of massages and their properties

Massages have been and continue to be an effective, comfortable, easily accessible and healthy alternative to not only achieve a life based on well-being and balance, but also to combat great evils, which slowly and silently become harmful to health Stress and anxiety, for example, are constituted in any case, as regular enemies that cause every individual to accumulate muscle tension, triggering pathologies or discomforts that cause annoying and lacerating pain.

Knowing about the types of massages and their properties may well serve as a guide if what you really want is to take better care of your physical body and mind , respectively the types of massages and their properties that should be tested in any case, will depend, then, on the discomfort or ailments that they feel, and that we want to alleviate, since the benefits and properties of massages are usually diverse, and each one will be ideal, depending on the person, and where specifically the tension builds up.

What massages exist – The types of massages and their properties

Knowing how to identify and know what massages exist and above all, being able to know the benefits of massage properties will help us greatly, not only to understand that with these our lives can change significantly for the better but it will also give us the opportunity to know what it is what we really need for our body to be and be from serenity, balance and well-being. With this specific massage, what will be achieved above all, and through continuous massages throughout the body, and above all, in the areas that present the greatest accumulation of tension, will be to relax the muscles, and therefore get rid of both the pain, as well as the inconveniences that have their origin in stress, and in the demands of day to day. Among the massage benefits and properties that we can refer to in this case, is that through this massage what will be treated will be chronic muscle pain.

Reflexology is the application of adequate pressure on specific points and areas of the feet, hands or ears. Reflexologists believe that these reflex points correspond to different organs and systems of the body, and that pressing them creates real health benefits for the person. With this massage, what is sought above all is to achieve relaxation of the muscles as a result of the release of toxins, in which massages will be applied in favor of warming up the muscles, and therefore the treatment of the pain will be made much easier. Regardless of the massage in question, it will be opportune to recognize the thousands of massage benefits and properties that they can bring to our lives, if we decide to make them something constant in our day to day.

Therefore, and due to constant massage application, it will be able to reduce both muscle pain that originates from musculoskeletal pathologies, as well as the tension accumulated in the central areas of the body In this, essences and balms are usually used, with the aim of making the muscles relax, and to make it even easier and more pleasant to balance the physical body with respect to both physical and mental well-being, ideal if you want to experience something new and nice.

It seeks to provide a general well-being to the body by releasing encephalin and endorphins to achieve a sedative effect on the nervous system through slow and constant movements, the muscles are relaxed and a sensation of tranquility and rest is achieved.  Generally, this type of massage is accompanied by breathing exercises, muscle stretching and in some cases the use of oils this type of massage is suitable for everyone. It is a technique that helps mobilize contractures or knots to relieve muscles and restore their proper functioning when they are stressed. That is why it is applied throughout the body, emphasizing the back and the lower part of the neck.

Performing a good massage with dry hands is very difficult, almost impossible. Professionals use essential oils to achieve greater softness and thus transmit heat and energy more easily. Massage oils make your hands glide and slide over your skin in a unique way that traditional moisturizers don’t either.

Another interesting benefit of essential oils is skin care. These are substances that nourish skin cells and keep them protected, to provide a much more cared-for appearance over time. The oils provide a feeling of hydration and softness on the skin. There are some that even reduce stretch marks, cure eczema and erase scars on the skin help activate receptors to quickly recover from stress and injury Instead of relying solely on their hands to work out your stubborn knots, the sensual massage therapist places heated basalt stones on your back to help relax tense areas.

Since the relaxing massage is not an aggressive or invasive therapy, it has no contraindications What are its characteristics? Relieves tension and achieves a relaxed state of mind What benefits does it provide?: The benefits are seen both physically and emotionally in the health of the person, it provides a relaxing sensation that dissipates tensions and worries Not only does it relieve pain and dissipate contractures, but it also has other health characteristics: it activates blood circulation, relaxes and helps you sleep well, relieves migraines and headaches, etc.

Relax mind and body and also our energy increases the pace of life is faster every day and this affects our health and well-being.  For this reason, Serenity Home proposes ten types of massages that, depending on the ailments suffered, can help us recover our well-being and face our day-to-day life with full mental and physical health Who is it for? : This type of massage is aimed at any type of person, but it is especially recommended for people under great work or personal pressure, with stress, anxiety, etc.