Tips To Help You Feel Better And Get Healthier

1. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself 

One of the common complaints I hear from clients is how they spend hours upon hours of their time on cardio, but never seem to shed that last few pounds. You should stop being too hard on yourself when it comes to working out. You might even find that the problem is that you are overtraining. You may face a reduction in performance, leading to a plateau of your weight loss progress, if you don’t give your body the chance to rest and recover. Some of the main signs of overtraining syndrome include an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol, depression, reduced enthusiasm, moodiness and fatigue. 

You can introduce rest phases in your workout routine, and prevent over training by breaking up your sessions into different phases through the creation of a periodization program. For instance, on Monday and Wednesday you can do some weight training; go cycling on Tuesday and Thursday; set Friday apart for running and rest and recover on Saturday and Sunday. Adding more variety to your routine can also help you achieve more balance.      

2. Focus On The Smaller Stuff

All the available research and advice on how to improve your health can leave you feeling overwhelmed; making it the biggest obstacle to better health. You are better off making a positive habit out of one seemingly inconsequential small negative habit – as a first step. For instance, you can try keeping walking shoes in the entryway to the garage, and using them to take a walk around the block before entering your home, if you are prone to eating as soon as you arrive home. You can also try having a couple of glasses of water about two days a week, if you normally have a can of soda at lunch on a daily basis. Improve your sleeping habits, find out where to find a hybrid mattress. You will quickly discover that there is no pain in making healthy changes, provided that you start small. Adding more healthy habits to your routine will help you build on from this point.  

3. Review You Relationships

You will be fighting an uphill battle, making positive changes in your life while still retaining the company of people who have unhealthy habits. You need to establish relationships with healthy people, if you want to improve your health. When planning a healthier diet or incorporating walking into your routine, be sure to get your family involved. In addition to motivating you, making involving your family in your healthy changes can strengthen your relationship anxnr .  

4. Create A List And Review It A Couple Of Times  

If you don’t think you can start a new workout regimen, take some time and jot down the reasons why. For each reason, is there a basis? For example, you might believe that working out takes up a lot of time, if you listed “Lack of time” as one of your reasons. You will have overcome a huge mental obstacle by simply choosing to start working out for as little as 5 minutes daily, because you will have developed a positive habit where none existed before. You will be able to dispel any false beliefs that exist behind each excuse, as you review the list.  

5. Register For Events 

Working out just so that you can lose weight, or simply exercise, can become boring really fast. Signing up for an event that helps you join a team, like running, walking or cycling races, can help you spice things up. Being around other people who are working out just like you can help keep you motivated. Furthermore, you can also feel better because most events are designed to benefit non-profit causes.

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