Tips For Better Co-Parenting During Holidays 

When parents get divorced, it is not only a difficult time for them but also for their children. There are many issues you need to deal with, including co-parenting. Co-parenting in Newton, MA, can become especially difficult during special times of the year, such as birthdays, festivals, and holidays. Certain holidays are easy to plan for, while others are more complex. 

No parent wants to spend holidays away from their children. However, when you are divorced, you sometimes have no choice but to be all alone on special days. Following a few tips and advice from experts can help you manage things better. Meanwhile, if you need help settling your divorce, consult with a divorce attorney Newton MA today. 

Tips for better co-parenting during holidays

  • Plan ahead. 

Planning ahead for all the holidays of the year can eliminate many confusions and arguments down the road. Discuss which parent gets to keep the children for which holidays, and do not forget to ask for your child’s wishes. 

It is important to know what they want and what makes them happy. Discussing things at the last minute can result in disagreements and arguments, which ruin the holiday spirit for both the couple and the children. 

  • Determine which events are more important for you. 

There are events and holidays that might be more important to you than they are for your ex-spouse. Discuss which events you prioritize the most and plan accordingly. This way, you will be able to compromise on other holidays in exchange for spending time with your children on days that are more important. 

There might be holidays which are equally important for both the parents. In such cases, it is important to act mature and compromise well in advance. Do not keep these things for the last minute as things might get ugly. Respect other people, and they will respect you back. 

  • Put the kids first. 

Always think of your kids and what they want first, rather than prioritizing your own wishes. Just because they are your children does not mean you can force them to spend time with you. 

If they say they want to be with the other parent on a certain holiday, do not force them to come with you. However, do not say yes to their wishes without considering what works best for them. The key is to make them enjoy their time with you. 

  • Never involve your child in disagreements. 

Do not involve your child in your fights or disagreements with your ex-spouse. Your children should not feel like they need to side with a particular parent or support one. Avoid speaking in a derogatory manner about your ex in front of your children as well.