The top 3 ways you can use stickers to market your startup

Starting a business is a lot of work. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, especially if you are starting out with a small team. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything. Especially when it comes to the essentials: product development, website design, and marketing.

Now, we cannot offer you a solution to all of these. But we do have an ace up our sleeves: custom printed stickers.

We are here to show you how some simple custom vinyl stickers can promote your products, increase your traffic and boost sales, without causing you any more work.

Sounds good? Then let’s take a look.

1. Show off your brand

One of the best ways to use stickers to promote your brand is by leaving them in high-traffic areas and public places. This way, you can reach an exponential amount of consumers and generate awareness for your business.

Does that sound too easy? This is exactly how the internet platform Reddit rose to fame. Their founders invested $500 in logo stickers (the only money they ever spent on advertising) and simply took them with them wherever they went.

This boils down to creating visibility via multiple channels. You do not have to tag a bus in the middle of the night – that’s illegal. But explore different ways you can get your stickers seen. All you have to do is order your stickers online and get sticking.

2. Use them as business cards to be remembered

Everybody has a business card. Not everybody has a business sticker.

When it comes to finding investors, suppliers, or new customers, you want to be remembered and not drown in a stack of generic business cards. Stickers help you stick out from the crowd.

We recommend going for a custom shape that will physically stand out between the rectangular business cards. Such stickers are referred to as die cut stickers and make a brilliant handout.

Include all the necessary information and a cool design or slogan that prompts the receiver to actually use your stickers. This way, your business will always be within reach.

3. Use them as part of your online advertising campaign

Finally, stickers can also be used to boost online traffic. This might sound a little odd. But you can do this quite easily by creating custom QR code stickers.

That is the beauty of using personalized stickers, you get to submit your own design. This means that every online campaign can now include an offline QR code sticker consumers can scan wherever they find them.

Take it to the next level and use them to host a competition on social media to boost your engagement rate and ramp up those shares.

Stickers are one of the easiest, yet most effective ways to market your startup. So what are you waiting for? Better to order stickers in bulk for your campaign.

If there are any tips you swear by, please share them with us in the comment sections below.