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MeowMeowBeenz is a social networking application that was developed by David and Bixel. It was available on mobile devices and allowed users to rate everything they saw, read, and did. MeowMeowBeenz scores range from one to five, and different colored cat logos represent the rank points. The app first appeared in Season Five, “App Development and Condiments.”

The caste system of the MeowMeow beenz is right out of Brave New World. The number of Jeff’s office is a reference to Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We. The “Joysticks” theme song is used in the fake trailer for the film. The theme song is taken from the Greydon Clark film Joysticks. The game also uses Logan’s Run-style futuristic sounds in the game.

Ones don’t wear a uniform, and are the dregs of society. They were banned from campus buildings and forced to live in the “Outlands.” Ones retained their wrist cell phone holders to signify their rank, but their banishment lasted only until the Star-Burn factival informed them of the Fives overthrow. After this, the MeowMeowBeenz were overthrown by the Twos, and they never mentioned again.

MeowMeowBeenz’s caste system

One of the most fascinating aspects of the MEOWMEOWBEENZ app is its caste system. The application essentially reduces humans to numbers, and lets them judge others based on their popularity. In the episode, we see that the upper classes gain power and influence by regulating popularity. The palace looks futuristic and ethereal, and the members are dressed in neutral attire.

Throughout the show, we see the characters develop in a unique way. In the episode “Greydale Takeover,” we see a full-scale Greendale takeover, seatgurunews which is a popular device for character development. The caste system is a revealing arc that drives the town into another apocalyptic scenario while also delving into an old friendship.

Shirley is one of the MeowMeowBeenz castes, and she was accidentally rated as a Four by the app. She also happens to be a lonely cat, and Jeff’s caste system is a imetapressnews constant reminder of her unsatisfactory character. Jeff, the only One who has a MeowMeowBeenz, is reluctant to change, but eventually caves to the pressure from Shirley’s Fives.

MeowMeowBeenz’s relationship with the Threes

The beta test for “MeowMeowBeenz” contains futuristic sounds that make the game sound like a Logan’s Run movie. Jeff’s “reviewlution” makes no sense, and Britta argues that she’ll be watching Jeff closely. The episode skips from Day 2 of the beta test to Day 8 of the game. As a result, Abed is pleasantly surprised at the changes in his status.

Abed’s rating is not explained explicitly, but it is implied that he’s a “three” who is happy with his current status. He is genuinely savetoby happy as a Three, but he’s miserable as a Five. He continues to receive upvotes from the Threes for being honest. Despite his apparent lack of empathy, Jeff doesn’t seem to care.


When the MeowMeowBeenz take over the school, it is difficult to ignore the app’s popularity. Although Jeff initially rejects the idea, Britta continues to convince everyone of its stupidity. She gets people to listen to her, but her constant mustard-colored face makes her seem more threatening than helpful. Eventually, Jeff caves and lets Shirley have 5 MeowMeowBeenz. As a result, the campus begins to fall apart, with the Fives ruling the school and the Twos serving them.