The Importance of Ethics in Global Health

The focus on health is certainly strictly philosophical

The need for an ethical dimension in global health fieldwork is urgent. A focus on health as a human right must be complemented by rigorous philosophical reflection, and ethical principles must be an integral part of global healthcare theory and practice. The importance of ethics in global health has been recognized by many authors, including G. Priest, Paul Farmer, and J. Butler. The authors of the following op-eds address the importance of ethics in international health, and discuss what is at stake for both students and practitioners.

Presents a broad spectrum of ethical issues

The principles of global bioethics and global health ethics are based on a variety of perspectives and theories, presenting a broad spectrum of ethical issues. These principles are derived from the need to address macro-level health phenomena, a trend that has become increasingly apparent in recent years. They are the product of the pluralistic organic development of global health policy discourse, and they reflect a broad interest in avoiding harm and encouraging individuals to act appropriately given the circumstances.

Based on several theoretical frameworks

Normative global health ethics are based on a number of theoretical frameworks, including the social and political theories of international health and international justice. The first two models, for example, have been the foundation of much of the discussion on global health issues. These two paradigms have evolved from discussions in other academic fields. Those interested in a normative global health ethics approach are encouraged to take an active role in creating and implementing ethical standards in global health.

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