The Guide You Need to Know About Hats: Materials, Terms, and Styles 

As the popularity of the hats is increasing again, people have started adding different types of hats such as Fedora, Trilby, Panama, and Cowboy hats to their wardrobe. However, as there are many types of different hats available in the market with different shapes and designs, people often face problems to choose hats of perfect styles.

If you’re planning to enter the world of hats, this article will prove informative for you. Continue reading the article to know different types of hats, styles, terms, and materials that will help you choose the best one.

How Can You Choose the Perfect Material and Style?

The hats come with a purpose. Whether you’re planning to purchase hats to protect your face and eyes from the sun or simply boost your fashion statement, different types of hats are suited for different wearers. Before you determine the style and functionality of the hats, you need to know the common hat shapes and terms as well as the common hat materials used for crafting purposes. These details will not only help you distinguish between two different types of hats, but you will also be able to know the perfect one for you. Here are the different types of hats.


This beret is one of the most popular hats men can purchase. The beret features a flat and soft crown with extra material around the edges of the hat. Most manufacturers use cotton, wool, and acrylic fibers to make beret hats. You can wear the beret hats in different ways, either slighting tinted or across the top of your head.

Steam Punk Hats 

Even though this traditional style of hat is not associated with the famous history, the steampunk hat started gaining popularity due to the Burning Man and other types of festivals. If you’re planning to attend any type of festival, the steampunk hats will prove most effective. Make sure you visit our website to purchase the best steampunk hats.

Western Hats

The cowboy or western hats are another famous hat that you can purchase. They are generally made of straw, leather, or felt and come with wide brims. This is why the cowboy hats are super effective at protecting you from the sunlight and UV rays. The iconic shape of the cowboy hats will help you stand apart. As they are available in different shapes as well as the crown, you can find the best cowboy hats as per your requirements. The cowboy hats are great for the summer months.

Fedora Hats 

The fedora hats are classic and stingy and will help you showcase a formal fashion statement. The fedora hats come in different types of brim shapes and crown styles. They are one of the most traditional hats. The popularity of the fedora hats exploded when various Hollywood celebrities started wearing them. The brim of the fedora hats can be either medium or wide. Depending on the sun protection you want to achieve, you need to choose the perfect brim size. Wide-brimmed fedora hats are best for sun protection.

Common Hat Materials 

Whether you’re purchasing hats for the first time or a passionate hat collector, the material you choose for the hats will have a large impact on other aspects.

It’s extremely important to know the materials of the hats so that you can implement the proper cleaning method. Here are the popular materials you need to know.


If you purchase hats that are made of cotton, you don’t need to worry about their longevity. The cotton hats are extremely durable. Additionally, they are crushable and packable. This means that you can carry the cotton hats with ease. The cotton hats are softer and they come in different colors. As per Norvilsa, cotton is one of the most versatile fibers.

Wool Felt 

Felt is crafted by pressing and rolling the wool while also applying heat and moisture to ensure that fibers can interlock together. This way manufacturers create felt fabric. The wool felt hats are great for winter months.


Manufacturers use different types of straws for the hat-making process. The fineness, strength, color, and durability of the straw are dependent on the specific straw you’re choosing for your hats. Unlike the other hats, straw hats will easily last for years. Not to mention, straw hats are also super affordable.

Fur Felt 

If you want a hat that will help you tackle the scorching heat during the summer months, you need to choose hats that are made of fur felt. This is one of the most popular materials for hats. Even though the process of creating straw felt is the same as that of wool felt, they are made from softer and finer materials. Fur-felt hats are also super breathable.


This is what you need to know about hats. If you want to purchase high-quality steampunk hats, make sure you contact us or visit our website today.

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