Stretches For Tennis Elbow

Listed below are a few effective stretches for tennis elbow. You should perform these exercises for at least 10 reps three times a week. While ice packs and other pain-reducing methods are helpful on pklikes this site, they can only help temporarily and are not the best way to get rid of the condition. It is best to consult with your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment. For now, the best way to avoid the painful symptoms of Tennis Elbow is to start with a stretching exercise program.

One of the most common wrist flexor stretches involves extending the wrist. Begin by lying face up on a flat surface. Use your opposite hand to help you pronate your wrist. Focus on holding each position for two to three seconds. For best results, pklikes com login repeat the exercise three times, using both hands. If you’re unable to hold a position for the full 2 minutes, try rotating your wrist into pronation or supination.

Twisting your forearm is another excellent stretch for tennis elbow. The wrist is usually a tender spot for the condition, and this stretch will help relieve that pain. While you’re doing this exercise, make sure you keep your palms together. Thingnews Bend your elbow until you feel a stretch. Do not twist your elbow too tightly; the tension will worsen. Try this exercise three or four times a day, and you’ll soon notice a marked difference.

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