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Open Culture is an educational and cultural media website. The website was founded in 2006 by Dan Coleman, Director of Stanford University’s Continuing Education Program. However, the site is not affiliated with Stanford University. The main purpose of Open Culture is to provide free, intelligent information that is relevant to your everyday life. You can follow the site on Twitter, Facebook, or via email. You can even create an account and subscribe to their newsletters. Here are the reasons why you should subscribe to their newsletters:

One of the best reasons to become an Open Culture member is the opportunity to learn something new. The site has an archive of over 30,000 hours of free lectures. There are also Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that can be taken on any subject. Students can earn certificates, statements of completion, and other awards by completing these courses. You can also get free eBooks from the site. For movies, you can watch comedies, dramas, and silent films, or learn a new language.

Open Culture is free to join, and it also offers audio books in various languages. You can download the audio books onto your MP3 player, computer, or iPod. The collection features a variety of genres, from fiction to poetry and nonfiction. There are even works by famous authors. There are over 700 free eBooks available to download from Open Culture. You can also take language lessons for free. You can learn a new language and have a better understanding of the culture around you.