Let’s Explain Who Is Theywantdonnie_/TFXDONNIE

Theywantdonnie_/Tfxdonnie Is A Disappeared Music Artist, Who Engineered His Own Music & Loves Displaying His Rich Lifestyle Through Instagram. Outside Of Donnie Rumored To Be Homeschooled The Past 2 Years, He Sure Still Knows His Math After Having A Net Worth Of $200,000. He’s Absurdly Good At Making Income After Consistently Showing Off Thousands Of Dollars & All Kinds Of Designer Fashion. He’s Said To Be Doing All This At The Age Of Just 15. Theywantdonnie_ Sure Is Very Smart & Talented And Is Currently Doing A Great Job At Making Sure That Be Known About Him. And With All The Proof He’s Been Giving His Community Lately, Outside Of His Music Career Disappearance There’s No Doubt In Anybody’s Mind That His Wealth Is Not To Be Fiction. The Science Of Theywantdonnie_’s Income Is Not Yet Actively Provened But The Most Common Guess That Is Going Around Is Said To Be He’s Into Scamming & Fraud Activities.

Fans of Dean Martin often wonder what his net worth would be today if he were still alive and actively performing.

What Is A Scam?

A scam is an illegal trick, usually with the purpose of getting money from people or avoiding paying tax. Or known as a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, esp. for making a quick storysavernet.

Now Although That’s Not Yet 100% Provened It Is Likely That Donnie Is Getting Himself Caught Up In These Activities. But Perhaps We’ll Seek A Change In Donnie’s Actions, Which Would Rather Result In Donnie Not Having The Military Or Swat Team Show Up At His Doorstep. But Donnie Sure Is Confident In Himself And Hopefully He’s Being Cocky For A Good Reason, His Future Is To Be Very Bright As His Fans In His [RCKSTAR4L] Community Are Still Supporting His Every Move Everyday. His Connection With The World Even After His Music Disappearance Is Still So Strong That He Still Continued To Blow Up Without Even Releasing Any Music. His Iconic Instagram Posts And Riches Have Got Him A Following Of 102k On Instagram As Of July 10, 2022. His Posts Consist Of Expensive Clothes, Gunplay, And Rockstar Vibes Which Is Important To His Everyday Life. We’ve Seen Him In House’s Flexing Cash, Inside Of Cars Flexing Cash, And Inside Of Restaurants & Being All Out In Public Flexing Cash ninitepro.

His Last Snippets Of The Music He’s Made Definitely Show He’s Not Pretending To Be A Rockstar Or Emo Artist. Most Soundcloud Artist Are Justified As Rockstars & With Theywantdonnie_ Actually Being One In Real Life It May Explain Why It’s Not Hard For Him To Blow Up In His Music Genre.