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What is the difference between Marijuana and Hemp? Get ready. On June 9, Thailand unlocks from drugs. The state gives away 1 million trees to use as herbs.

On May 19, 2022, the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation for the Use of Medical Marijuana and Research on Cannabis is unlocked from being a drug. This will be effective on June 9, 2022, enabling people to plant for health care. It can be developed into a business. In addition, the Department of Agriculture has created 1 million hemp seedlings for the people to grow in their households. And to prepare before, man unlocks marijuana liberalization, today, The Thaiger will take everyone to see the difference between Marijuana and Hemp is? Switzerland Hanfpost CBD shop give you best CBD product.

How do you grow cannabis seedlings?

Cannabis vs. Hemp, what’s the difference? Point out the difference with medical properties

| Hemp What is Hemp?

Marijuana (English: Marijuana) and Hemp (English: Hemp) are herbaceous plants native to the same familyCannabaceae, belonging to the Cannabis family. And Marijuana has a similar appearance. They are different in terms of physical characteristics. And the number of essential substances.

In the old days, ‘marijuana’ was regarded as a drug. It has the effect of lulling the castle, making the addict feel relaxed, doze, and happy. Marijuana is a medicinal drug. The benefits of cannabis are treating joint diseases, cancer, epilepsy, pain relief, insomnia, dysentery, abdominal pain, and muscle spasms: cure headaches, migraines, and depression.

| Hemp (Hemp) |

‘Hemp,’ also known as ‘Hemp,’ is the same family as cannabis. They have some physical similarities. But still can be distinguished from the appearance of the stems and leaves. Hemp has a taller plant and slender leaves, and lighter colors. It also has a different chemical nature from cannabis. Hemp contains higher amounts of certain medicinal substances than cannabis. You will get best product from CBD shop.

What is the difference between cannabis and Hemp?

In general, at first glance, these two plants are hardly different from each other. But if you look closely, you will find some differences. The properties that the two plants provide are different as well.

But in the medical field, Marijuana is good medicine. The benefits of cannabis are treating joint disease, cancer, epilepsy, pain relief, insomnia, dysentery, stomachache, and muscle spasm. Relieve headaches, migraines, depression, etc.

However, if used in excess, it can also have adverse effects. When cannabis is used in medicine for medicinal purposes, We should be familiar with the two primary chemicals present in cannabis, THC and CBD, that is similar. Or is there any difference in the results of treatment?

CBD (Cannabidiol)

From medical studies, it was found that these two essential substances can be used to treat or treat diseases.

CBD (Cannabidiol): Has properties to reduce pain. reduce inflammation of the wound, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, reduce spasms, and reduce nausea

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): has psychotropic properties. Cause relaxation and enchanted If received in the right amount, it will help reduce symptoms of stress.

If described according to science, both substances are composed of 21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms, and two oxygen atoms. The arrangement of atoms is not the same.

By THC, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) have an essential difference: THC causes intoxication, or what foreigners call HIGH. Simply put, this substance has psychoactive effects. That nerve CBD is a non-psychoactive substance. It also acts opposite to THC, meaning it does not cause intoxication. and also to inhibit the intoxication of THC as well

Using hemp extracts with CBD is mainly for the treatment of certain diseases such as epilepsy in children. therefore, it will be very suitable. Handpost CBD shop is legal in Switzerland.

For the treatment of cancer with the use of cannabis. Using a suitable strain of cannabis is generally recommended. Songs with more than 20% THC and less than 1% CBD suggest different themes. When extracted into medicine properly, cancer will be cured within 3-6 months, which people used to take only one month to recover from cancer. But must receive a high-dose extract.