Know About Apartment Laundry Services and Charges

Are you on an apartment-hunting mission? Did you know that you can rent an apartment that provides on-site laundry services along with other amenities? That’s right! If you are too busy to do your laundry on weekends then you can simply sign up for on-site laundry services provided by the apartment. While some apartment owners offer laundry service for free, most owners typically impose a charge based on the laundry load. Apartment laundry services are incredibly useful when it comes to saving time and money. Read on to know more about the on-site laundry services that apartment owners offer and the charges that they impose for the same.

Why do most apartment owners charge for their laundry services?

Most apartment owners install quite a few washer and dryer units in the common area at the expense of huge costs. Such owners bill the tenants based on the costs incurred while installing the washing machines and dryers. On-site laundry service is usually offered based on a pay-per-load option. The payment helps to meet the costs related to the investment made in washing machines and dryers. The service charge paid by the tenants also meets the regular maintenance charges for the washing machines, water bills, and electricity expenditures. Generally, the cost incurred for each unit of load ranges between £1.5-£30. Apartment owners may also charge based on the duration of use of the washer and dryer units. The on-site laundry service bill is usually paid in the form of quarters. Most modern apartments also have facilities for accepting online payments from tenants.

What are the advantages of on-site laundry service provided by apartment owners?

There is no end to the number of benefits of on-site laundry services provided by apartment owners. If you are in doubt about whether to rent an apartment that offers on-site laundry service or not, then it is time to clear your doubts. Check out the advantages of accessing on-site laundry service, provided by apartment owners, listed below:

On-site laundry service helps in saving a whole lot of time. If you work a nine-to-five job and hardly have any time to spare during the weekend, then you will need on-site laundry services. For such busy bees, on-site laundry service is not only convenient but also a real time saver. One can simply pay a few quarters to get their laundry done in no time without any problem.

On-site laundry service prevents unnecessary hassle. One need not have to lug a heavy bag of soiled laundry to a distant laundry service outlet to avail of washing and cleaning services. Instead, one can simply drop in at the common room or area of their housing complex for accessing quick laundry services.

Hello Laundry offered by apartment owners is almost always more cost-effective as compared to laundry service platforms and outlets. Moreover, laundry service platforms usually charge an exorbitant amount for washing and cleaning soiled laundry. One can easily save money by washing the laundry at the on-site laundry room of their apartment complex.

On-site laundry services work great when it comes to moving from one city to another. You can easily pack your bags and move out of your apartment without having to worry about shifting the washer and dryer from one place to another. If you would have had a personal washing machine and dryer unit then it would have been highly inconvenient for you to shift the heavy machines from one city to the next. In such an event, it is truly beneficial to opt for on-site laundry service offered by apartment owners lifeline hospital.

Make room for extra chairs or a wardrobe in your room by skipping your washing machine purchase and opting for on-site laundry service provided by apartment owners instead. If you have recently moved into an unfurnished flat then here is a tip for you to save space and money. Simply sign up for on-site laundry services provided by your apartment owner instead of investing in a washing machine and dryer to get your laundry work done without any hassle.


By now you must be aware of the innumerable advantages of staying at an apartment that offers on-site laundry services to the tenants. Save your time, money, and energy by availing of on-site laundry washing and cleaning services. If your apartment does not provide on-site laundry services, then urge your owner to do so, and save your time and money every month bitsandboxes.