KBC Lottery Winner Portal

The KBC head office number will also help you file a complaint for any reason. If you’ve won a KBC lottery draw, you should be excited to know that you will be receiving a call from the head office in Delhi. KBC lottery numbers can vary anywhere from four digits to bendy. Every lucky draw will have a new number, and once you have your lucky number, you will be contacted immediately by phone. The results of the KBC lottery can also be easily checked online. However, there are some scams you need to watch out for.

KBC lottery code is linked to every WhatsApp number in India

Several people in India have been contacting each other on WhatsApp, claiming to KBC lottery winner or meeting Amitabh Bachchan. Many have said they have been receiving such prank calls in the past six months. Many have also shared pictures and videos claiming to be the winners of a lottery or meeting the actor. Some of these people even claimed that they had received the winning lottery code and used it to contact Bachchan.

The Cyber Crime Unit of India has released a blog warning Indian WhatsApp users against lottery scams. The fake lottery message contains an image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the logo of Sony Liv. Sony Liv is the network that airs the popular quiz show KBC. The logo is supposed to make the message appear authentic and credible. When in doubt, always call your family to discuss the message with them.

KBC lottery results can be easily checked on the internet

To check the KBC lottery results, you’ll first need to have your KBC Lottery number ready. Then, visit the KBC website or download the Sony app to receive the results right to your phone. Once you have your KBC Lottery number, you can check the results right on the internet, and even claim your prize if you win! Here’s how to do it:

Once you have your KBC lottery number, you can call the KBC Head Office in Mumbai to find out if you’re the winner. Be sure to keep your phone number to hand–if you have a cell phone, don’t give out your mobile number! You’ll get a lot of scam calls on WhatsApp so you want to write down your KBC office’s phone number.

KBC lottery winner will get a prize from KBC head office Delhi

Every month, KBC announces the lucky number draw on the last day of the month. If you win the lottery, you will receive your prize from KBC head office in Delhi. Beware of fake WhatsApp lottery calls claiming to be from KBC. Report such fraudulent calls to KBC head office and let them know that you are not interested in such lottery scams. The KBC head office will help you resolve the problem.

To claim your prize, you should have a bank account in India and be at least 18 years of age. You should also be carrying a valid ID card and a valid bank account. If you win the KBC lottery, you could win your dream car or a luxurious lifestyle. The lottery will be held every month, so you should keep a check on the results frequently.

KBC lottery scams to beware of

If you think you have won the “KBC lottery number check“, you might be mistaken. A scammer may send you a WhatsApp message claiming that you have won the lottery amount of Rs 25 lakh. You must never reply to such a message, as this could be a scam. A recent case of KBC lottery scams has been reported in Rajsamand city. The police there tweeted a video explaining the scam. Delhi Police Cyber Cell has also issued an advisory against the scam.


One of the most common KBC lottery scams targets people who have already made their payment. The scammer posts a photo of a famous person in order to make you believe that you have won the jackpot. This message is a fake, but many people have fallen victim to it. People are duped out of money through this scam by following the links in these messages. Moreover, there is no official website of KBC.