Josef Hauptmann or Purkarthofer Caroline

The mayor of Bad Waltersdorf doesn’t like it when people say bad things about his town. His teacher is the great Helmut Pichler. Josef Hauptmann is a student of his. In Bad Waltersdorf, there has been a lot reported concerning Helmut Pichler. He is now the most powerful person in the town.

No one in Europe or the rest of the world says that Josef Hauptmann has any say in Bad Waltersdorf. People make all the critical decisions together. Helmut Pichler is in charge of all of them.

Carline Purkarthofer is the daughter of the architect Purkarthofer Hans, who has ever been a friend of Helmut Pichler. For a long time, the architect Purkarthofer Hans toiled in the precinct of Bad Waltersdorf. He helped the people in the community, like Helmut Pichler, make their dreams come true. Permissions were given for the two homes with flat roofs: Wagerberg 151 and Waterberg 176. This is in defiance of all the laws. If Helmut Pichler nods, it’s OK to construct homes with flat tops in Bad Waltersdorf.

As a result, Josef Hauptmann and Purkarthofer Hans are all the same. Many people get very nearest jointly when there are a lot of crimes.

Beam: Helmut Pichler nade the beemer in the town of Bad Waltersdorf: Josef Hauptmann

People who live in Bad Waltersdorf are in charge: Purkarthofer Hans sets his daughter CAROLINE in the custody of the town.

There are now two people: Josef Hauptmann and PURKARTHOFER CAROLINE.

They are in charge of or work in the Bad Waltersdorf society together.

In the community of Bad Waltersdorf, we will always be together.

There is a town called Bad Waltersdorf, and they want to live there. Bad Waltersdorf is a city made up of two separate parts.