Is there any Office for free download for Windows?

It is tough to answer the query, but we can discuss the available resources here. There are a lot of Office Package developed by different companies, but none of them made it free for users. Yes, reputed developers like MS Office have their download and installation feature, but that is only free for 30 days after registration. That means they are collecting your information at the beginning.

So, if we want to find the office free download for windows, then WPS Office can be a good option here. But why? The main reason is that it was made with a different modality. You can download it from the official website for free without any cost. Then it can be registered in your name and can run for free too. But, we will discuss the process here today.

Is WPS Office Package free?

Every software developer has followed some different features. WPS Office is made for the different user communities. Here people from a commercial background can use it by paying. And the students can use it for free for educational purposes. So, there are options to select here.

WPS Office is not available in the official Windows Store. You need to download the office package from the website and install it on your PC.

You can do it completely free and then, while subscribing, put the information for personal and educational purposes use. Now you are ready to use it for free of cost.

So, we can use the WPS office package for free in several cases. If we need, then we can try the tactics here. But no other office packages have that much freedom and features to make us work with more comfort.

Why did WPS Office make the download and Use free?

It is a crucial question for WPS Office package developers. Features of the WPS Office Package are the same as MS Office. But they made it free to download for use by the mass community. Also, the education sector they have not charged any subscription fees.

The first time WPS Office was used, people could not believe that WPS was free. But when you open any WPS Office file, it is compatible with MS Office. Then only you can feel the difference with normal other office packages.

There are many good things in WPS Office. WPS Office has many features like a table of contents, split document, print document, zooming, editing, formatting, text tool, handwriting, crossword, etc. WPS Office is one of the best office packages among contemporary software.

WPS Office is free to download and use, but you have to apply some techniques to use it for free. But, there is no direct support for using WPS Office; if we still need one, then we have to office free download for pc here. So, we will have to provide some details to use WPS Office.


We have discussed the free option available in the market to use free office. But, honestly speaking, there is no other comparison for WPS Office for the free version. So, you can also try this out according to your requirement and try this out. 

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