How To Teach Last Year Celebration

One of the best ways to commemorate the end of the school year is to ask your students about the year’s memories. You can ask them to write down one accomplishment from the year and post it in a virtual yearbook. Invite your students to share their memories, funny or not, by leaving comments on the slides. Creating the virtual book in advance of the celebration can save you time and money. Also, remember that you don’t have to plan a formal party.

You can perform a final activity

Create a class mural by using scrap construction paper. Then, have students sign it. Another idea is to have the oldest students of the year go on the “final walk” – they walk down the hall for the last time, cheered on by onlookers. Once all the students have signed the mural, you can perform a final activity. As students leave the building, they can participate in a photo booth or other fun activity.

The activity can be a complete class project

Another way to celebrate the end of the school year is to conduct a mini-research project. This activity can be a whole class project, or you can assign a single project to a group of students. Make your students work on the project at their own pace and print it out at the end of the year. They can also view the finished product online and print it out. It is easy to do and will be remembered by your students.

Let the contestant announce their winning name

As a last activity, organize a virtual talent show. Use video-conferencing apps like Skype or Zoom to invite students to perform for the class and vote for their favorite performers. Record a podcast or narrative highlight reel using apps like Anchor. Afterward, have your student write their name on the letter. Then, have the contestant announce their winning names. You can also make a collage of photos and videos using various editing tools.

Can create an online photo album

Another way to celebrate the end of the year is to create a virtual talent show. A teacher can create a video of their students performing their best dance and sing. By creating a digital talent show, students can share their favorite performances in the form of a video or an image. They can also create an online photo album. This is a fun way to show the appreciation of your students. If you have the time, you can give your students extra recess time and ice cream parties.

Finally so that they do not lose their self-confidence

The end of year celebration should be fun for both the teacher and the students. For instance, the teacher can provide a CD of the ABC Rock song. Then, students raise their letter as it comes up in the song. It is important to teach students to raise their letters in this way so that they will not lose their confidence. A virtual memory book can be a great way to get your students involved in the end of the year.

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