How to Hire the Best Local Entertainment

Entertainment can affect a lot about how we feel about an event or party.  If the entertainment is bad or boring, we’ll often think the entire party was.  On the other hand, if the entertainment is fantastic and has us on the edge of our seats: we’ll be far more likely to talk about this event in a positive light.

These are the top ways to hire the best local entertainment possible and why it matters!

Consider the Event

Before you even consider the entertainment, it’s vital that you think about your event.  Why are you throwing it?  When?  Where?  Don’t hire entertainment until you’ve ironed out these details to ensure you can give them the right information on where to arrive at your event.

Does the event have a theme?  If so, you can play into this with the type of performer you hire.  If you’re throwing a party celebrating an anniversary, you can hire a cover band from when the two of you got together- or if you’re celebrating a kid’s birthday with a pirate theme, you can hire living mermaids to add some intrigue to it!

Get Word of Mouth Out

Word of mouth and gossip are wonderful tools to put to work if you’re hiring for entertainment.  Not only will people eagerly tell you if they know someone who could use a singing or performing gig, but they’ll often also come with a glowing review from someone you know and can trust, making them more trustworthy as well.

Pay Attention to Social Media

Social media is an awesome place to find fantastic entertainment!  Not only do you have a large array of local artists and entertainers to pick from, but you can also view their past performances, look into the number of reviews they have, and gauge a general public opinion of them.

Consider Entertainment Other Events Have

What entertainment have you seen recently that was entertaining or inspiring to you?  Did you go to a live show and realize you want to hire one of the many rappers in Texas?  Or, instead, did you go to a drag performance and quickly realize that you want these larger-than-life personalities at your next event?

Look into what entertainment makes you smile and how you can bring that into the event you’re hosting.

Raise Your Budget

What’s your budget look like?  Generally, if you’re having trouble hiring an entertainer right now, a large reason for it could be that your budget is too low, and they don’t want to work for that little.

Consider removing your budget from your job listing or upping it a significant amount.  This will allow the entertainers to feel respected and seen and to know there’s a chance they could be paid well for their hard work.

Every Event Needs Incredible Entertainment

Whether this is the first event you’ve thrown for friends and loved ones: or you want to up your corporate event game, consider using these methods to find the best entertainment possible!  You can turn around any party in no time.

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