How to Get into the Sport of Motor Racing

If you dream of being a Formula One driver, you need to start early; by early we mean seven or eight years old, when you should be driving a small go-kart or riding a motocross bike for kids. Of course, many kids love speed, yet few go any further than a street-legal motorbike and in this article, we offer a few tips on how to get into motor racing. anonig

  • Choose a discipline – Whether two or four wheels, you should have a preference and regardless of your choice, you need to be a very competent driver/rider. If you think you are good enough, the first step would be to find a local club where people race and see what is required to join. bestnewshunt Motor racing is very costly, so sponsorship is essential; without financial support, you aren’t going to race anywhere, unless you happen to be rich!
  • Driving/riding competence – You either have it or you don’t and if you are seriously thinking of racing, you should have some talent. Contact a racing academy and have a go on their simulator, which should result in a free assessment and maybe an offer to take a course on a real track. One thing you can do is consider renting a luxury car from a leading sports car rental company; driving a Porsche 911 Turbo is perhaps the closest thing to the track, but be careful with speed limits.
  • Start as a hobby – No one ends up as a racing driver just like that; motor racing should be your hobby and with some talent, nerve and good fortune, you will be good enough to attract sponsors. Motor racing will deplete all of your money and more! But if you are a true enthusiast, you’ll find a way to be on that start grid. Click here for the benefits gained from a daily walk.
  • NetworkingSocial media can really help you get known and if you can attract a few small businesses in your community that would sponsor you in return for advertising space on your vehicle and leathers. Sponsorship hunting will take up most of your free time, and it is the same for all wannabe racers who are looking to compete. As you would expect, sponsors are looking for winners; podium finishes offer great exposure, so if you have a quick pace, it will stand you in good stead.
  • Learn from your elders – Whether motocross, road racing or on the track, look to the generations who have been down your road and learn from them. Like you, these guys are fanatical about their racing and are more than happy to pass on their knowledge to younger racers. If you need to apply for a Thai driving licence in order to rent a car, click here.

One thing you do need in abundance is determination; the road to racing for real is long and often uphill, but with some talent and a good sponsor, you can take a shot at standing on the winner’s podium.