How to Find the Cheapest Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

The best way to find the cheapest lithium golf cart batteries is to do a little research. The motor on your golf cart demands varying amounts of electrical current at various speeds. You should check the manufacturer’s plate to find out the maximum speed it can operate on with the nominal power. Then, choose the correct battery capacity for your vehicle. For maximum range, you should oversize the batteries by about 20%. The cheapest lithium golf cart batteries will also provide more than enough energy to run your golf cart for a full day.

Battery function and features

Lithium golf cart batteries operate like regular batteries, except they use sulfuric acid instead of lead. They have an anode and a cathode, which act as electrodes for the electricity. When they are charged or discharged, they go through a chemical reaction and generate electrical current. Fortunately, lithium golf cart batteries are very reliable and will last up to six years or more with proper care. Unlike lead-acid batteries, they have a low-maintenance design, so you can use them for several years.

They contain toxic acids

While lead-acid batteries are safe, they are not ideal for golf carts. They contain toxic acid, which can be dangerous in fires. A lithium battery is safe because it is more sensitive to temperature and charging/discharging current. Unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium golf cart batteries are equipped with built-in Battery Management Systems (BMS) that monitor the condition of the battery and disconnect it from the electric load when the battery is not in use.