How to Create Stunning Quality Kitchens in Very Small Spaces

It is not always possible to have a big kitchen, but very small kitchens often don’t have to be dull and unattractive. By implementing statement lighting, you can hide the clutter that is often associated with small kitchens. You can also conceal waste basins by using a skirt made of fabric.

Modern kitchen ideas

One of the best ways to make a small kitchen feel spacious and airy is by using open shelving. Upper cabinetry can clog up the space, making it feel cramped. Instead, use open shelving, and make sure to arrange it carefully and stylishly. Blogger Elsie Larson made the most of her tiny U-shaped kitchen by using a white color scheme and floating open corner shelving. She also included a cool-toned silver stove and stainless steel oven vent to create a focal point. Her kitchen is also filled with clean, organized shelves, making it feel livable even though it is small.

While it may not seem like it, this kitchen has a contemporary look that combines clean lines and the natural rustic appeal of natural fruitwood. A full wall is devoted to storage and all of the cabinets are made from solid fruitwood. This wood has a warm color and natural grains and knots, which add a rustic feel to the space. The backsplash is also made from marble.

Industrial pot racks

Adding a pot rack is a great way to maximize space in your kitchen. Industrial pot racks are often made of iron, which is both durable and beautiful. High-gloss finishes are also a great option, as they are durable and will help to protect your cookware. The racks also feature two large grids that will prevent the pots from falling out of them.

A hanging pot rack is a good option, since it can hold any size pot. This design also eliminates the need to drill holes into the wall. A hanging pot rack is easily attached to the wall, and it does not encroach on the prep space or block sightlines.

Light colors

If you have a very small stunning quality kitchens in South Africa, light colors can enlarge the room. Use light colors on the walls, ceiling, and backsplash to create a space that feels larger than it actually is. Try to stay away from sharp contrasts, which can create visual boundaries and make the space seem smaller. Try a bright white ceiling to make the room appear higher and maximize natural daylight.

Another way to create an airy kitchen is to use light colors. White and neutrals will always look great in any space, but if your kitchen is very small, consider a brighter shade. Try a minty pastel with aqua tones. You can also introduce a darker blue by using an area rug. White walls and countertops will help keep the room bright and airy, while small doses of black will add a modern edge.

The finish is an ideal choice for small

The finish is an ideal choice for small spaces and kitchens. Its distinctive colour and matte finish make it stand out from conventional paint. What’s doesn’t contain any chemical additives or high maintenance requirements. And because it’s made of limestone, it also has a natural alkalinity, making it more bacteria and resistant.

A very old house staple, combining crushed and burned limestone with natural pigments. This mix is then thinned with water and applied to the surface. The result is a chalky, matte finish, bringing brightness and character to otherwise dull flat walls.


Even if your kitchen is small, you can still make a big impact with decor. Small kitchens don’t have tons of counter or floor space, but you can make your walls a bold statement with wallpaper. For example, Toledo Geller’s kitchen features a fun gold and white wallpaper behind a mirror backsplash.

Open-plan dining area

Open-plan living is a great way to incorporate two separate spaces into one. In this style, the kitchen is situated between the living and dining area, giving the space a seamless feel. You can create a dining area by placing a round table in the center of the kitchen, for example, or use a bookcase or a raised level to divide the two rooms. A statement rug can give the space character, while a wall-mounted artwork can add a personal touch.


If you have limited space, a simple and streamlined design is ideal for an open plan kitchen. Choose a neutral colour palette that is not overpowering and opt for a wooden surface to add a touch of elegance. Similarly, a modern kitchen diner can benefit from a metal bar stool with a pop of colour.