How to choose dining sets with bench for ergonomic comfort

Dining room benches are quickly becoming a staple of furniture sets. Although they are an optional part of most dining sets, benches are a great solution to make your dining table as versatile as possible. If you get a table with extension leaves, you can use the bench to increase your seating capacity. When you no longer need that seating, you can move the bench to any number of places for additional use.

Just as there are many options for dining sets with chairs, dining benches come in a variety of options. Storage benches are very popular. You can use them to cut down on the need for linen or silver storage, opening up the dining room and making it seem less cramped. Depending on your collection of such things, a storage bench could make a buffet or hutch unnecessary.

However, bench seating isn’t always the most comfortable. Sitting on a bench incorrectly is bad for your posture and can cause near-immediate back pain and strain on the muscles. If you want to get a bench for your dining room, consider these features that will make it more comfortable.


Many dining benches have no cushion whatsoever, but rather are made of natural woods. While these simpler benches are more versatile for every room in the home, they aren’t comfortable for sitting for long periods such as dinner parties or family gatherings. It is best to choose a bench that has enough cushion to pad the hips. If you can’t find one to match your dining set, make your own cushions for the bench when in use.

Seat height

You need a dining bench to accommodate children, adults, and persons of every size between. The best seat height for an ergonomic bench is 15 to 17 inches. You should be able to place your feet firmly on the ground in front of you, making your knees even with your hips. This is the ideal height from which to sit and rise. Check dimensions of dining sets with bench before making a final decision.

Bench depth

A slender bench may save room, but it isn’t going to be ergonomic or comfortable. Your bench seat needs to be at least 14 – 18 inches deep. Perching on the edge of a bench is not comfortable and can cause significant pain in the lower and middle back. If you want your diners to be comfortable, make sure that the seat is large enough for most adults.

Choose a bench with an open base

The bench’s design is likely going to have a rail or support across the base of the bench for added stability. It is best for this support to be at least 3 inches back from the front of the seat. By doing so, you can sit on the bench and tuck your feet back toward the middle. This puts your knees at less than a 90-degree angle, releasing the quads and making it easier to maintain appropriate posture.