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How does the budget not escalate to build a house?

Did you know? One house until it was completed. There is 66% of the budget for house construction, 22% of the interior work, which is the amount of money that we can see in real life, such as cement, stone, soil, bricks, cabinets, beds, tables, but there are also expenses that we cannot see or overlook. many more And this may cause the budget for building a house to escalate. The bag flows without knowing. Today, AYB brings you a technique to build a house so that the budget doesn’t escalate for you.

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Techniques for building a house? Budget control does not escalate

1. Know the land or area conditions.

Expenses other than the house are land, reclamation, excavation, we call it land preparation. If we check that our land is lower than neighboring areas. or no drainage The soil conditions are not suitable for planting a house. Correction is required. The cost of land preparation is another part that should be known. and allocated to the budget If the area is large, there are a lot of digging-fills and adjustments, the more the budget will escalate to pay a large amount. Therefore, this point is considered a budget that should not be completely ignored.

2. Confirm the correct form

This is a procedure that can be applied to every line of work. is job verification which the house design work when passing the measurement, positioning the direction by the architect or confirmed the construction drawing from the engineer If the construction has been demolished will be due to a more modern style or force majeure from the technician also cause damage both budget and time Therefore, if you confirm the correct model and get a professional technician or home builder, it will help control the budget that must be paid for this part as well.

3. Home decoration

Home furnishings are not just about floating furniture. This refers to build-in jobs as well in relation to mechanics. There is a matter of position and size that must be precise and certain. Because if the adjustments are made, it is another important budget that will make our homes escalate. It’s also a good idea to research build-in materials that are reasonably priced and of good quality. to avoid damage during installation in order to seal the leaks, the budget does not flow later

4. Building materials

House style is another item that can tell the budget, such as a resort style house. Emphasis on nature, decorated to have a feeling of relaxation. So when you get a clear house design It can identify building materials, for example, if building a house with wooden posts. But changing the material to the construction to imitate the wood can be a budget control. or even choosing to use building materials that can be bought in the general market Not too cheap and not too expensive for the quality. If there is any repair or damage during construction, it can be easily replaced. Because if it is to order new materials, that means paying more expensive. and the waiting time is longer. The more corrections are made, the more time it takes. Building a house is protracted as a consequence is the cost of the technician team, the work team, or if there is a rental on the way to store things, it will have to be protracted.

5. Garden decoration

Beautiful houses, beautiful gardens belong together. But if the placenta is released without care Placing the decorations in a messy way could be a textbook. Lose less, lose more. Very easy to lose the Abandoned garden decoration budget because he thinks that he can do it himself. Over time, it became a house structure problem. Therefore, the budget for decorating the garden should be clearly set. Consult an experienced garden specialist or home builder. To help position and fit in the direction it should be. When the budget for beautiful gardening is already in the budget of building a house. This will allow us to control the budget clearly. There’s no excuse to buy extra garden accessories from our garden designers.

The last and most important thing is to know the order of construction work. Keep an eye on the tidiness from time to time. Check the work before paying or if using only one technician throughout the construction, the payment must be divided into installments to prevent job escape. Many times, experiences are shared with overpaying technicians, irresponsible, wasting time, wasting feelings. Plus, it’s not as much as I had hoped.

building a house You can choose how your budget is allocated. If you don’t know how to build a house, you should find an assistant like a resort-style home builder to take care of To allocate a budget from start to finish for you in detail. giving a clear overview of the budget Identify points that may cause errors. and have a backup solution Most importantly, building with a professional home builder can guarantee that you will be able to build a house and get a home that is suitable for every member’s lifestyle ipagal.

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