Heavy Duty Mesh Door Screen Magnetic Closure

During the summer, cookouts and pool parties mean that people will be constantly walking in and out of your home. When the weather is nice and it feels great outside, leaving the door open helps freshen up your home and makes carrying drinks or food in and out simple. Often times tho, as much as you would love to leave the door open, nature might give you a little more than you bargained for.

Letting in fresh air is nice, but you have to have some way of keeping out all the other things you don’t want in your house like flies and gnats. This is why having a screen door for your home can help you accomplish this. The only problem is that traditional metal screen doors can also be a hassle. Anyone who has ever had a cookout at the house or a pool party knows how awkward a screen door can be when you are constantly carrying things like drinks and food through it.

Metal screen doors can be awkward, and create more of a hassle than they are worth, especially when it’s nice out and you find yourself going in and out constantly. Not only that, but they can be hard for the little ones to operate because of hard-to-reach door knobs, and represent a second door you have to open every time you let the dogs out.

Thankfully, Everlasting Comfort has an alternative option to a traditional screen door that brings a high level of comfort and convenience to your home in a meaningful way. The Everlasting Comfort magnetic screen door is a lightweight, durable, screen door that is easy to install and is still heavy-duty enough to deal with the elements. The best part is that the screen door magnetic closure capabilities make it easy to open – hands-free!

What Exactly is a Magentic Screen Door?

When most people think of a screen door, most likely they think of a traditional style door that sits inside the main door frame and operates on hinges with a door knob. These traditional screen doors are typically made of metal, and even if they are not that heavy, they are typically awkward to handle and cumbersome. If you have ever tried to take a tray of drinks outside through one of these doors, you know how much of a hassle they can be.

A magnetic screen door accomplishes the exact same goal as a traditional screen door, but it does so in a way that is completely hassle-free. Here are some of the top reasons to consider upgrading your home with Everlasting Comfort’s magnetic screen doors.

Heavy Duty – But Still Light

One of the best features of this magnetic screen door is that it’s incredibly lightweight. Made from a durable mesh, this retractable screen door is designed to be light and hassle-free. This means that it won’t ever knock over a drink when you walk through it or be heavy. That being said, the mesh is made from a heavy-duty material that despite its lightweight, is specifically designed to withstand the elements.

This screen door can withstand wind, rain, and even snow which makes it a great option for protecting your home year round.

How does it Open and Close?

The magnetic screen door from Everlasting Comfort is made from a lightweight, durable plastic that retracts at the center. The seam itself is lined with 26 magnets that allow it to be opened hands-free and close seamlessly on its own. This is one of the best parts of the screen door because it’s so easy to walk in and out of. This means that every time you let the dogs out, they can simply walk through the mesh screen without any kind of problem. Not only that, but the little ones who might have had trouble with the door knob can easily open the magnetic seal.

The good thing is that the seal is still strong enough to keep out the elements and the unwanted parts of nature. So while it is incredibly easy to operate the door in a hands-free fashion, it doesn’t sacrifice any of its durability or security. The magnets maintain a firm seal when not being opened, and always close back automatically once you have walked through it.

Fits Almost Any Door

Another huge benefit to the Everlasting Comfort magnetic screen door is the fact that it can fit almost any doorway up to 38×82 inches. This means that it can fit into wooden frames or metal frames, and even work with sliding doors. As long as the door isn’t too big, it’s capable of working as screen protection.


Installing the magnetic screen door is also incredibly easy as it doesn’t require any kind of power tools and everything you need comes in the box. If you have been wanting to upgrade your home with a screen door, this magnetic alternative is a great option to help improve any exterior doorway.

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