Handcart Or Wagon: The Different Handcart Types

A comparison between the different handcart manufacturers quickly shows different types of handcarts or wagon like push wagon for instance. There are two main categories, each of which can be equipped with different additional elements. Among other things, the following are distinguished today:

  • solid handcarts
  • Foldable wagon

So that you as a parent also know what you can imagine with these two handcarts, we would like to describe them in more detail.

The Foldable Wagon

As the name indeed already suggests, this handcart has the advantage of not having a rigid construction but can be folded up practically. With this additional function, the foldable cart can be easily transported. The construction of the handcart is similar to that of a handcart with a fixed construction. As a rule, the chassis consists of painted steel, which carries a transport surface made of polyester. The processing of the polyester fabric has the advantage of light, but the very flexible fabric is available for the trolley.

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Another advantage is that the handcart, available as a foldable element, can be made ready for use in just a few simple steps. Of course, the foldable wagons can never be made of wood. Because here the construction would not be given for it.

The Solidly Constructed Wagon

This handcart model is a classic construction, which is made of wood. Nowadays, among other things, these handcarts are also available as a model with a grid variant. Like the foldable handcart, the rigidly constructed cart consists of a frame and a metal drawbar. The body, on the other hand, is made of wood. A handbrake or parking brake is usually unavailable on these simple construction models. It can often be advantageous for parents and children to retrofit a brake in this case.

What Budget For A Wagon

Of course, the price also plays a decisive role in the end. Because most handcarts are available in different price ranges. Particularly cheap models are available for less than €50. However, these are rarely really robust and have some weak points.

The most important questions about handcarts

Until now, we could not answer all questions about the handcart. Nevertheless, we would like to mention a few essential questions here.

From What Age Can The Handcart Be Used

The wagon can be used as soon as children can sit. Most parents try the first handcart experiences after the first 12 months. However, it is advisable to buy a cheaper model first, and only when the child has gotten used to the handcart to buy a higher quality car model.

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