Features To Look For in the Best Aftermarket Suspension Kits

Trucks and Jeeps are staples for anyone looking for some off-roading fun this year. Worried your vehicle might take a beating on natural terrain or even get stuck in the mud? Think about adding 37 inch all terrain tires, a lift kit or a suspension system. With the vast number of options available out there, it can be overwhelming to try and find the best kit for your vehicle and lifestyle. Here are some features to take into consideration before you start tuning up your ride.

Proper OEM Fit

Your truck probably came standard with original equipment manufacturer parts, but these stock parts won’t always cut it on rough surfaces or with heavy loads. Aftermarket parts can be a tricky area because not all parts are made to fit all vehicles.

Know your vehicle’s specs and shop for well-known and trusted brands. The best parts offer a direct fit as smooth and seamless as if it were right off the factory floor. This correct fit is important for preventing wear and increasing the life of your vehicle.

Tunability For Best Performance

One of the major benefits of aftermarket kit additions is the ability to customize your vehicle to the way you live and drive. Look for kits that allow the tuning of springs, dampers and sway bars to absorb shock and stabilize your truck, like these Pro Comp suspension kits. Even with the best parts that money can buy, if the pieces aren’t well connected and balanced correctly, they won’t do you any good on (or off) the road.

Specs are important in deciding how to tune your vehicle, and proper tuning should take into account any number of aspects from weight distribution to tire width. When tuning your vehicle, look for incremental changes and keep detailed notes of suspension values. Adjusting suspension can take some time but is one of the most gratifying parts of perfecting your vehicle’s drivability.

Helpful Accessories

Kits should include helpful pieces that make installation far easier and ensure a smooth ride in the end. Look for kits that include all needed parts, such as axle shims, driveshafts, strut spacers and steering knuckles. Consider purchasing accessories separately that might not come with the basic kit.

Whether you’re scaling desert dunes or mountain boulders, you might run into sticky situations and need some extra assistance from your vehicle. Installing a Smittybilt winch might save you or a buddy from the mud, not to mention help with lifting, moving and towing anything heavy. Your kit might also benefit from a trailer hitch, mud flaps or even a handy truck fridge.

Positive Feedback

The best way to shop for a lift or suspension kit without any test driving needed is to search the internet. Look for kits that fit your truck or Jeep’s make, model and year, and don’t forget to see what other buyers have said. Reviews are a consumer’s best friend, so look for products with enough feedback to recognize patterns of pros and cons.

Gaining ground clearance and strengthening your truck or Jeep’s suspension can be as big or as small an undertaking as you want. With some due diligence, you can achieve the look and performance you’ve been dreaming of.