Facts worth knowing about hiring accident lawyers in Illinois

Slip & fall accidents, auto accidents, on-road mishaps, medical malpractice, dog bites, and product-defect-related injuries – These are various types of personal injury cases for which victims should consider seeking legal help and advice. Top law firms in Illinois, such as Tuite Law, have a team of attorneys who can assist with various situations and claims. Before you hire an accident lawyer, here are some key things to know.

You don’t have to pay for the first consultation

Typically, personal injury and accident lawyers offer a free initial session for potential clients. People often step away from hiring expertise because they believe that they cannot afford an attorney, which is untrue. Meeting an attorney allows you to understand your rights and the worth of your claim. They can also offer insight into what you can expect as you proceed with the legal steps.

Not all accident lawyers have trial experience

While some may argue that most personal injury cases in Illinois are settled outside of the court, you should still look for an accident lawyer who has trial experience. If the matter cannot be resolved through negotiations, your attorney can file a lawsuit and battle it out in court. Before you consider an attorney, ask if they have been to court for injury lawsuits like yours.

Usually, accident lawyers charge a contingency fee

Personal injury lawyers don’t get an upfront fee like criminal lawyers. Instead, they get a share of the compensation received by the client from the insurance company or the other party. The contingency fee may vary on certain factors, including the experience of the attorney and complications of the case. Typically, the fee is one-third of the final settlement, which can exceed up to 40%.

Lawyers have more resources than you think

If you are wondering whether you need an accident lawyer for the paperwork and claims process, you should know that attorneys are capable of doing a lot more. Firstly, lawyers can see through bad faith insurance tactics and will negotiate with the claims adjuster accordingly. They may also talk to medical experts to prove that your injuries are more severe than what the insurance company is saying. In some cases, lawyers also work with accident reconstruction professionals to determine how an accident happened to prove fault and liability.

Check online and ensure that the chosen accident lawyer has good reviews. You can also ask for a few references.