Everything To Know About Blazers

On those rare times when dressing to the nines isn’t called for, but you still want to look your best, blazers are an essential wardrobe staple every guy should have.

When shopping for a blazer, there are several factors to think about. In terms of fashion, what direction should you go? When do you wear it, and what do you wear with it? What’s the top-quality stuff? Shopping for a blazer might be a frustrating experience if you aren’t prepared.

If you’d want to upgrade your outerwear collection with a blazer but aren’t sure where to begin, read on. Learn the ropes with this comprehensive handbook.

Fashion trends for men’s blazers

When looking for a blazer, you will most likely encounter one of two primary styles: single- or double-breasted.

The standard number of buttons on a single-breasted blazer or suit jacket is one, although you may come across some with four or five. They are versatile and can be worn to everything from casual outings to more formal events like weddings while still feeling great. This is why it’s a good idea to stock your closet with a few styles of single-breasted blazers.

It’s common to see two rows of buttons on the front of a double-breasted jacket, as the extra cloth is folded twice. These coats are far more formal than their single-breasted cousins, so they aren’t the best choice for more relaxed occasions.

While double-breasted blazers aren’t as prevalent, they may be stylish when worn with the proper attire and saved for special events.

Patterns of blazer fabrics

You may get blazers in various fabrics, some of which are more appropriate for formal events than others.


Wool blazers are ideal for fall and winter because they provide excellent insulation. They have a rugged appearance, making them inappropriate for more relaxed settings. However, they excel at making their wearer seem polished at the office or a smart-casual event.

You may get wool blazers in various colours, from basic black and navy to more daring hues like burgundy and green. And you can wear yours with everything from dark jeans to a pair of dress pants or chinos.


Tweed blazers are similar to wool blazers in that they are both more formal and very effective at keeping you warm. You may see twill, overcheck, striped, chequered, or herringbone tweed on your shopping expeditions. Our tweed guide contains further information about them.

Tweed blazers, once again, may look terrific with well-fitted jeans or some neutral-coloured smart trousers or chinos. Pants with bold colours like green, blue, or burgundy are an option if you feel adventurous.


Due to their delicate nature, linen blazers are best worn in the warmer months. They are widely available in various shades, making it easy to pick one that complements your taste and the wedding’s colour scheme. Blazers made of linen are typically available in neutral tones like navy and beige, making them an important and reliable choice.

Woven cotton fabric

Blazers crafted from cotton twill are just as breathable as those crafted from linen, making them ideal for the warmer months. However, it is more formal. Thus it is commonly used to produce business attire.

You can’t go wrong with cotton twill blazers if you’re in the market for an article of clothing that can be worn to more formal events without sacrificing comfort.

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