Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Manufacture a Product in China

When you are designing a product, you might want to source the manufacturing process to a Chinese manufacturer. China is a popular manufacturing hub, so it comes as no surprise that many businesses turn to them for outsourcing their products. If this is your first time dealing with Chinese manufacturers, you might want to learn from the mistakes of your peers and not repeat them.

Having a Proper Strategy in Place

If you plan to manufacture a product in China, you need to have the right strategy. You cannot simply choose any manufacturer and share your requirements with them. Your manufacturer might need to know the specifications of the product, the packaging, the MOQ, and other details before they can chart up the quotations.

You will need to get down to the minute details of your product and share them with the manufacturers. If any modifications are to be made, ensure that you consolidate the changes, and discuss them with your manufacturer, before sharing the details with them. Secondly, ensure that you make it a point to visit the manufacturers personally. This allows you to visit the factories and premises and gauge the abilities of the manufacturers. You can even opt for a video call and see how well the manufacturer can answer your queries.

Ensure that you prepare a checklist of the product that you wish to manufacture. Please be as detailed as possible. You do not want to end up with the wrong product manufactured. You would also need to mention the timeframe for when you want the order to be completed.

Searching for credible Chinese manufacturers to manufacture a product in China can be a cumbersome process. In your hunt for searching the right manufacturers, you might lose focus on other aspects of your business, which can affect the productivity of your business. Here is where hiring China sourcing agents can prove to be a boon for you.

For instance, if you do not have the time for a personal visit, you can hire sourcing agents to inspect the premises and share their findings with you. Sourcing agents are familiar with Mandarin and can effectively communicate your requirements to the manufacturers. You can be assured that they will take care of the entire manufacturing process and carry out factory and quality audits for you.

Credible sourcing agents are experienced and have good networking skills. All you need to do is share your requirements with them and they can pull up a list of Chinese manufacturers for you to validate. They are also good at negotiating and can land you good deals and discounts on bulk orders.

When you have finalized your manufacturer, you need to monitor their progress. Do not assume that since your manufacturer is credible, your project will resume as planned. Mistakes are bound to happen. To avoid such situations, ensure that you tell your manufacturer to produce a small batch and share the sample for the same.

If you feel that the samples are not as per your expectations, you can make modifications or revisions for the same. This ensures that the manufacturer is aligned with your requirements and will try to match up to your expectations.

Focusing on Product Quality Rather than Prices

When searching for Chinese manufacturers, you generally tend to focus on manufacturers who offer a good quote that will fit into your budget. Yes, this should be one of the factors while searching for a Chinese manufacturer to manufacture a product in China, but you need to shift your focus to other factors too.

Other factors that you need to investigate while searching for potential manufacturers include:

  • How long have the manufacturers been in business?
  • Do they have a valid business license?
  • Have they worked on similar projects before?
  • Ask for references
  • How many people will be involved in the manufacturing process?
  • Do they have the necessary equipment to carry out the orders?

Even if your manufacturer answers all the above questions in the affirmative that does not mean that they will live up to your expectations. Certain red flags can help you identify the credible ones from the rest of the lot.

During your quest to search for the right manufacturer to manufacture a product in China, you are surely likely to meet the below-mentioned manufacturers at some point in your life. Stay away from such manufacturers.

  • Manufacturers who agree to all your conditions

These people will agree to all that you put forth on the table. Be it any modifications or alterations, they have all the solutions to your problems. The result after hiring such manufacturers is poor quality products. No credible manufacturers will agree to all your conditions. You or your sourcing agent will have to negotiate with them and come to a mutual agreement.

  • Manufacturers who offer the best discounts that are too good to be true

This might look like a dream come true when any manufacturer offers a good deal on your orders, especially if you are meeting them for the first time. This shows that the manufacturer might not be reliable and might scam you.

  • Manufacturers who take you for granted and expect you to abide by their demands

You might even come across manufacturers who expect you to listen to their demands. They will not respond to your texts or emails. They will not share the product samples, and if you ask for any revision, they might argue or show their displeasure. Hiring such manufacturers can disrupt your order schedule, resulting in delayed shipments.

When you finally find a credible manufacturer to manufacture a product in China, ensure that you sign a written contract with them. Your contract should cover all the details right from who will be involved in the process, the budgets, the materials to be used, any specific requirements, and the timeframe for the order completion. You can even have the contract vetted by a local lawyer who is aware of the local legislation.


By avoiding these common mistakes, you can be assured of your products getting manufactured without compromising on the quality. This also helps in improving the efficiency of your business and reaping more profit.

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