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Clover Crochet Hooks vs Other Types

Clover crochet hooks are some of the most popular on the market and for good reason. They are well-crafted and durable, making them an ideal option for crocheters of all levels. But what makes Clover crochet hooks so special? And how do they compare to other brands of crochet hooks available in Australia?

What’s a Clover Crochet Hook?

Clover crochet hooks are made from aluminium and have a smooth, plastic grip. They come in a wide range of sizes (from 0.75mm to 25mm), so you can find the perfect hook for any project. Clover hooks are also available in both standard and ergonomic styles, so you can choose the one that’s most comfortable for you.

Since these hooks are so popular, you will also find them in a range of styles, patterns, and colours. Whether you want a basic hook or something more flashy, there’s sure to be a Clover crochet hook that’s perfect for you.

Benefits of Clover Crochet Hooks

Just some of the benefits of choosing Clover crochet hooks include:

  • A smooth grip that’s comfortable to use, even for long periods.
  • A tapered point that makes it easy to insert into yarn.
  • An aluminium construction that’s lightweight but still durable.
  • A range of sizes, styles, colours, and patterns.

Other Types of Crochet Hooks

You know all about Clover hooks, but what other types exist? Some other popular brands include:

  • Boye
  • Susan Bates
  • Furls
  • Tulip Etimo
  • Addi

There are also different types of hooks, based on the material they’re made from. In addition to aluminium hooks, you can also find:

  • Bamboo
  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Wooden

There are even ergonomic crochet hooks, which are designed to reduce strain on your hands as you crochet. So, what’s the best type of hook for you? After reading through this guide so far, you might be tempted to close your phone and get away from the world of crocheting for a while. If you’re just getting started, we don’t want crocheting to become a chore. Therefore, we’re going to finish with a crochet hook buying guide.

Crochet Hook Buying Guide

How do you choose a crochet hook? There are a few factors you should consider when purchasing your first hook or upgrading to a new one. These include:

The material – There are two main types of materials used to make crochet hooks – metal and plastic. Metal hooks are generally considered to be of a higher quality than plastic, but they can also be more expensive. If you want something to last you many years, this is more likely to come from a metal hook.

The size – Crochet hooks come in a range of sizes, from very thin (known as steel hooks) to much thicker ones. The size you need will depend on the yarn you’re using – a thicker yarn will require a larger hook. Think about what type of projects you want to make before purchasing a hook, as this will help you decide on the size.

The shape – The two most common shapes for crochet hooks are inline and tapered. Inline hooks have a shaft that is the same thickness from top to bottom, while tapered hooks get thinner towards the point. Again, it’s important to think about the projects you want to make before choosing a hook shape. If you’re unsure, inline hooks are a good all-purpose choice.

The price – Finally, consider the price when choosing a crochet hook. Crochet hooks can range from a few dollars to over $100, so it’s important to find one that fits your budget.

If you’re just starting, we recommend checking out Clover crochet hooks because they suit all abilities and will prove reliable over time!

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