BBQs 2U – Invest in A Brand and Enjoy BBQing All Year Long

BBQing is great to increase the meal’s health value. Less fat is consumed as excess drips down the grill. Not just meat, but even veggies can benefit from grilling as key nutrients are preserved. So, visit BBQs 2U store for a live demonstration. To get their contact number click here.

BBQs 2U is an independent store dedicated to branded barbeques. It is a family business, where everyone associated is passionate about BBQing. Customers can expect the best customer support and suggestions. You can read more about it on their About Us BBQ webpage. Customers can check out BBQ brands like Napoleon, Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, and even Ooni Pizza Ovens.

Customers can save money by investing in a Kamado Joe BBQ. However, there are many options available – Kamado Joe – Classic I, II, & III, Big Joe II & III, Jnr, and Kettle Joe. Each one sets high standards for innovation and craftsmanship. Each model includes upgraded features ideal for backyard grilling or smoking.

Napoleon manufactures a wide range of gas, charcoal, and electric BBQs ranging from kettle charcoal BBQs to portable travel BBQs and convenient gas grills. All the gas BBQs offer Jetfire ignition system, WAVE cooking grids, and dual-level sear plates except in the Travel Q and LE/LEX series. Own a BBQ and spend less cash going out for dinner because there is infinite grilling, smoking, or searing recipes to try. BBQ favorite steak in the backyard and say bye-bye to costly steakhouse prices.

The Masterbuilt Gravity Series is a digitally controlled charcoal grill that doubles as a smoker. Cooking versatility is a perk – Smoke the veggies and meat before placing it on the grill. The flavors are matchless making everyone savor the last bite!

Transform a regular means into social engagement by adding an Ooni Pizza oven in the outdoor kitchen. Spend quality time with guests and family serving real, wood-fired pizza. Ooni ovens cook pizzas super-fast. Ooni Koda got voted as the ‘Best Buy’ by BBC GoodFood in 2020. Dinner is more fun when eaten outside!

There is no BBQ season because grilling can be enjoyed all year long! Shine or rain and ice or snow, people are always ready to consume a BBQed meal. Holiday favorites like turkey and ham can be incorporated into BBQ recipes with ease but choose a grill that doubles as a smoker.

A portable BBQ is lightweight and can be carried anywhere. Set up and disassemble is quick, so perfect for a vacation in the countryside or weekend by the beach or used in limited spaces like a balcony. The basic models with innovative designs and fueled by gas, electric or charcoal will satisfy the small group’s appetite, while the large versions can make a huge impression because they can grill, smoke, sear, bake, and roast.

BBQs 2U are on Twitter, where you can read what their followers have to say. There are lots of tips that seem trivial but are helpful. Even learn about the useful accessories BBQs 2U added to their inventory list!