An Informative Guide About Referral Bonus and Referral Commission By Kucoin.

Johnny Lyu gave the world one of the most outstanding exchanges, KuCoin. The reasons for KuCoin being an exceptional exchange are the great features it provides to its users. The utmost captivating part that attracts the users is the trading fee. KuCoin’s trading fee is very minimal as compared to other exchanges. Altcoins are made up of all cryptocurrency coins that are not Bitcoin and cover Litecoin, Uniswap ), Dogecoin (DOGE), Zcash (ZEC), and Cardano (ADA). And the emergence of numerous altcoins has led to the development of Altcoin exchange platforms. However, most users still struggle with where to buy these altcoins. KuCoin has solved this problem also. Along with the features mentioned earlier, another enthralling feature is earning passively.

How to earn passively?

There are numerous opportunities that KuCoin offers to its users, such as Content Creator contests, Referral programs, Affiliate programs, and many more. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s know more about these.

Affiliated programs

Where you upgrade a product or service in return for a committee on the deals you bring about is called affiliate marketing. Profits are typically a percentage of the deal price but sometimes can be fixed money. KuCoin offers these programs where the user can create a unique referral link. Anyone who clicks on the link and completes the registration will automatically be classified as the user’s invitee. The interesting point is that the users will receive commissions on all trades completed by the referee, including Spot, Futures, and Margin trading.

Referral Programmes

Approve products or resources to others and getting rewards is called a referral program. KuCoin offers this program. Enrolling in this plan is one of the tasks that might appear in the client’s mind. Before we go into particulars about writing for this plan, remember that clients can get stars through referral programs, and stars can be exchanged for gifts and prizes. The process of registering a referral program is effortless. The user has to join the KuCoin app and fill in the details. The next step will be to click the folder pictures and call Friends. After dispatching the connection, friends reply on KuCoin via the referral connection, referral password, or the QRpassword on the placard. When the tasks are completed, claim stars. And by referring to the referral link, one will receive up to a 20% referral bonus each time the other person completes an order. For example, the XLM price is $0.104293, and the reward the user will get is approximately $0.020 every time an order is completed. Similarly, the bonus one will get on a Doge/USDT transaction is roughly $0.014. Isn’t it exciting?


Thus this is so amazing that without actively participating, the user can relish the bonus and commission. He has to send the link, and as long as the chain of invites increases and they start trading, the user will earn. And as mentioned earlier also, KuCoin never disappoints its users and always brings new things to upgrade its services.

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