A Guide To Tattoo After Care

You are now a member of the permanently inked club. Your tattoo session is done, but the journey to tattoo aftercare has just begun. We have some tips for aftercare that will help you protect your tattoo. This article will help you take care of your tattoos.

These are the top 10 tattoo Dos and Donts.


  • Listen to your artist! After your session, they’ll apply a sterile absorb pad and bandage to your tattoo. Then, they will give you instructions on how to remove and clean it at home. Some adhesives can cause irritation so make sure you tell your artist.
  • Use a mild antibacterial soap to clean your tattoo. Hush Foam Soap + CDB are made specifically for aftercare.
  • Use a towel paper towel to dry your tattoo.
  • To reduce redness and swelling, apply an anti-inflammatory balm. Additional comfort may be provided by pain-relieving creams and gels.
  • To reduce excessive pain, you can apply a topical anesthetic spray to new tattoos.
  • For faster healing, leave your tattoo as exposed as possible.
  • To prevent your tattoo from being pressed against the fabric, wear loose-fitting clothing if you can.
  • Take pride in your tattoo


  • Don’t remove your bandage too soon! Your artist may recommend that you keep your tattoo covered for as much time as necessary. The bandage absorbs blood, ink, topical ointments, and ointments.
  • Do not use hot water to clean a new tattoo. Instead, wash it with warm water. Hot water can cause pores to open and make your new tattoo more susceptible to infection.
  • Do not put your new tattoo under running water.
  • Never ever rip off the bandage! You can use a little cold water to dissolve the adhesive and make it easy to remove.
  • Do not re-bandage, cover, or cover your tattoo. Tattoos must breathe to heal.
  • Avoid picking the scabs – they can be very unpleasant! Your fingers may transmit bacteria to others, which is a bad habit. Your tattoo can become infected during healing. Allow the scabs to fall off on their own or wash them in the shower.
  • Avoid tanning. If possible, limit your tattoo’s sun exposure. Use a sunscreen that is specifically designed for tattoos with at least 30 SPF if you have to go outside.
  • For at least six weeks after your tattoo, you should not swim, sweat, sauna, or soak. Although it may seem simple, wet tattoos are not able to heal properly.


How long does it take for a tattoo’s final healing? Healthline states that the skin’s outer layer (the skin you see) should heal in 2-3 weeks. The skin beneath can take as long as 6 months to heal. Different people experience different healing processes. The following dos and Don’ts for tattoo aftercare tips can be helpful.

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