A Guide to Relocating to Thailand: What you Should Know

If you are planning to relocate to the tropical paradise that is Thailand, you are to be congratulated. There aren’t many countries in the world that offer sunshine year-round, with a low cost of living, not to mention food to die for! Like most things, a relocation project requires some careful thought and planning and with that in mind, here are a few pointers to help you prepare for life in sunny Thailand.

  • Visas – There are numerous types of visa that allow you to stay in Thailand long-term; you can enroll in a Thai language class, or sign up for Muay Thai classes and if you are over 50, you can apply for a retirement visa. Of course, there are certain requirements that must be met; talk to a reputable visa agent about possible options.
  • Moving your stuff – The best moving company in Bangkok can sort everything out for you; bringing items into Thailand can involve paying a heap of tax, even second-hand things! If you hire the services of a professional removals company, they deal with customs & excise, ensuring a hassle-free import.
  • Accommodation – If you haven’t sorted a place to stay, we recommend a budget hotel for a few days, during which time you can start looking at condos or villas to rent long-term. If you are planning to live in Bangkok, there are many areas and you might want to explore a little before choosing a suburb. If, on the other hand, you prefer a pool villa in Phuket, there are lots of luxury properties up for long-term rent.
  • Health insurance – Medical treatment is very expensive in Thailand; take out a suitable health & travel insurance package that covers all eventualities and you won’t regret it. You only have to look at the many gofundme projects to see what happens when you need hospital treatment abroad and have no insurance. If you are planning to do some off-roading, click here.
  • Getting around – Thailand has a fantastic transport infrastructure; Bangkok has Sky Train with several lines that connect the city, while the canal taxis are great fun! Green and yellow taxis are everywhere, while travelling long distance is a breeze; a/c coaches run to every corner of the kingdom, you can fly domestic or take a slow and interesting train ride.
  • Be respectful – The Thais are very conservative in many ways and it is not cool to publicly display emotion, especially anger. The saying “Jai Yen” means cool heart and when things aren’t working out, count to ten. Buddhism is the religion here and this is reflected in the behaviour of the people. Always dress politely when entering a Buddhist temple and return a Thai Wai when greeted and you will be enchanted by the colourful Thai culture.

It is a good idea to check the entry requirements for Thailand before making any travel plans and we hope that you enjoy your new life in the tropical paradise that is Thailand.

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