A Guide to Buying the Right Garden Tools & Equipment

If you are just starting out on the home ownership road and are thinking about what to do with your new garden, you have come to the right place, as we put together a list of essential (and non-essential) tools and equipment that you will need to maintain your lovely garden.

Hand Tools

To start your tool collection, buy a spade, shovel and a rake, which is used to clear up leaves and level ground. Garden shears are used to clip the grass along walls and round trees and you will need a stiff broom to sweep the driveway and paths. Pruning cutters can be hung on a nail in the shed; pruning and shaping should be carried out in the spring months, plus they can be used to cut back dead wood from your trees. Check out this great selection of wheelbarrows and choose one that is suitable, which can be used to carry tools around as well as removing garden waste.

Grass-cutting Machine

Most homeowners prefer a petrol driven rotary mower with adjustable height on all four wheels; this machine can cut the lawn to the desired height, plus it can be used to clear areas (remove rocks and debris first). Make sure the guard is always in place to stop flying debris, which can be hazardous and clean the mower after use. You can buy an electric mower, with rechargeable batteries, although this is not suitable for heavy work.


Leaf blowers are very popular for obvious reasons and depending on water availability, you might want to invest in a garden hose that reaches to the extremities of your space. Avoid cheap garden hose as it doesn’t last long, especially when left out in the sun and a sprinkler for the lawn helps keep the grass lush and green. If you are working from home, here are a few online tools to help.

Brand Names

Much like anything else, garden tools come in different price ranges and we recommend brand names, as their products stand the test of time; a cheap garden fork won’t last a season and if you spend a little more, you have tools that will last for years. The great thing about online shopping is you can get everything you need in a single shop, then order stuff as and when you need it. There are some great gardening suppliers here in NZ and most offer free delivery, which is great.

Free Online Resources

Luckily, there are free resources on the Internet to help you gain a deeper understanding of species and care; should you wish to create a stunning garden check out the YouTube videos that demonstrate every stage of landscaping a garden. If you are looking for the right shrubs for your rockery, Google can take you to the right website and you can make an informed decision.

Maintaining your home and garden is part and parcel of property ownership and we hope this article helps you get started with your first set of gardening tools and that your garden is everything you hoped, and some!