6 vitamins that are good for your skin

Healthy skin is worth more than gold. Do you agree? Because this is a true story that no matter what age, any age, any woman must definitely dream and yearn for it. Especially having smooth and clear skin with an aura and is more bouncy than baby skin. But in this era, to take care of beautiful and smooth skin is something that must be said that it is really difficult, especially for working women who have a busy life every day. There is also the weather and pollution

Today there is a good trick. that can take care of our skin with 6 popular skin care vitamins To help nourish the skin to be beautiful and bright. emitting an aura from the inside out

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6 vitamins that are good for skin health

1. Vitamin C for girls who want to have white skin. uneven skin tone or have dark spots

Let’s start with the popular skin vitamin “Vitamin C”. Many people probably know this vitamin very well. because it was instilled in the textbooks since childhood that Vitamin C is found in fruits and vegetables in everyday life such as tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, broccoli, etc. Vitamin C is important to the skin. Make your skin look radiant. And is a shield to prevent dark skin from sunlight and help fight free radicals. helps build collagen. Make the skin of the girls firm. Always look young as a two thousand year old woman For anyone who wants to add firmness to the skin Plus, vitamin C is inexpensive as well. We recommend that you take 1,000 mg of vitamin C per day, or if you want to increase the efficiency of nourishment further, you can use skin care products that contain vitamin C at the same time. Because it will make the face or body of girls look white and healthy.

2. Vitamin E adds moisture to the skin.

Next comes another equally important vitamin, “Vitamin E”, one of the important generals for skin care of girls. Vitamin E plays a role in helping to destroy free radicals. It is a moisturizer that helps add moisture to the skin. Especially girls with dry skin should eat. food supplement Or use a skin care cream containing vitamin E frequently or regularly. Vitamin E also helps to prevent premature aging. and skin cancer risk The amount that should be received per day is 200 – 1,200 IU, or about 135 – 800 mg per day, even if eaten or used in conjunction with vitamin C, it will make the skin even more bang.

3. Vitamin K for women with dark circles under the eyes.

Anyone who has a problem with bruised skin Or under the dark eyes of a panda bear must be here “Vitamin K” Many women may have solved such problems by applying concealer or thick foundation. try to switch to eating Or use products that contain vitamin K to see some. Then you will know that solve the problem of dark circles. It can actually be freckled. Vitamin K also helps in the process of maintaining blood clotting. Rehabilitation of wounds after surgery, such as laser surgery, where foods rich in vitamin K are cabbage, liver, milk, green leafy vegetables, olive oil, etc.

4. Vitamin D helps prevent acne.

Vitamins that are often forgotten And being overlooked as “Vitamin D”, few people may know that vitamin D is an important aid for beautiful skin. The easiest to find source of vitamin D is early morning light which our skin can synthesize but with a fast paced lifestyle wearing clothing that covers the body including sunscreen As a result, most people are deficient in vitamin D without realizing it. for that vitamin It has special properties to prevent acne problems. and various infections Other good sources of vitamin D include cod liver oil, sardines, salmon, and dairy products.

5. Vitamin B3 white and bright skin reduce irritation

“Vitamin B3” This vitamin helps in distributing skin pigment. Accelerating skin cell turnover increases collagen synthesis including reducing melanin production Therefore, freckles fade. and also helps the skin to be moisturized Prevents loss of water. It also helps reduce irritation and redness to fade. The source of vitamin B3 is available in the form of dietary supplements, nourishing creams, whole wheat foods, wheat germ, eggs. Prunes, etc.

6. Vitamin B5 helps to treat acne and make the skin soft.

“Vitamin B5” also known as pantothenic acid. In fact, it must be said that vitamin B5 is found in small amounts in various foods. But it’s not that it’s hard to find or not at all. It can be found in foods such as chicken meat, kidneys, animal hearts, and unrefined grains such as bran, wheat germ, but must be eaten in large quantities to see results. As for the properties of vitamin B5, it can help stimulate the healing process of acne. Helps absorb moisture into the skin quickly and deeply. as well as adding softness and smoothness to the skin that is pleasant to the touch However, we recommend that the use of vitamin B5 should be taken in supplement form. or cream with ingredients would be best.

Taking vitamins is a very interesting option for women who want to maintain or rejuvenate their skin. In addition to the vitamins mentioned above, then Other interesting and highly recommended alternatives are hyaluronic acid, evening primrose oil. grape seed extract Coenzyme Q10, collagen, including glutathione