4 Most Common Eating Behaviors Seen in Pet Cats!

Kitties have eating preferences like any of us. A person who has lived with fur babies for quite some time may know the food items their kitties would love to nibble on. Also, fur babies are particular about the temperature of the food and where and when they eat.

A kitty cat’s eating behavior is both inherited and acquired. Usually, a fur baby picks up eating skills watching their mother cat and may eat what was provided during its younger days even later in life. At the same time, they might have acquired taste for some food items through their eating experiences.

However, cat parents must be wary of feeding their fur ball human food as you never know what ingredients may suit your pet and what don’t. For instance, feeding your munchkin caffeine, chocolate, raw meat/eggs, onion, garlic, etc., may cause food poisoning.

Cat insurance NZ can help you provide your furry pet with top-quality medical assistance during pet emergencies like these, accidents, and more. With cheap cat insurance, your kitty cat can cover non-routine vet visits, medications, diagnosis, and treatment at affordable costs.

Have a medical financial backup to deal with unanticipated pet health incidents but learn your kitty’s dining etiquette, so you know their eating habits and provide accordingly.

Common cat dining etiquette

1.Gulping food

Your kitty can gorge on meals due to several reasons. Check if your kitty is cramming food down its throat because of any of the below-mentioned motivations –

  • Are you providing your fur baby two huge, widely spaced meals daily? In that case, your furball may be starving and waiting to devour the contents of its food dish.
  • Do you warm up the canned food before serving your little pet? If so, your pet may be trying to finish the meal before it gets cold.
  • Are there other fur babies sharing the meal? In a scene like that, there can be a lot of competition and stress while each fur baby claims their food portions. You may have to refill the food bowl until all pets are fed properly.

Automatic cat feeders, activity food bowls, and slow feeder food bowls for cats are brilliant solutions so your pet can eat slowly and appropriately.

2.Playing with kibble

You may hurry up and fill your hungry fur baby’s food bowl so they can start munching within seconds. But what if your kitty pal has been indulging in playtime, knocking out bowl contents instead of eating their food. You might be guessing why, yet your little kitty can have its reasons.

This is one of the ways cats satisfy their predatory instincts or engage in their ecosystem. So, you need to be glad about your lively pet, who has chosen an active lifestyle over lethargy.

3.Chewing in solitude

Most kitties love to have their meals peacefully in a secluded place. Fur babies have an inherent fear of larger animals plucking them away or other pets stealing their food, so they may refuse to eat even with little noises or distractions around.

Ensure your fur ball eats well on time in a quiet place where they can feel safe and comfortable, to ensure they are well-fed and healthy.

4.Gifting occasional trophies

Cats love to hunt tiny creatures outdoors. Sometimes they may bring their kills like a mouse or lizard and hand them over to their owners. Remember that dreadful night when your kitty woke you up and dropped a dead roach on your bed?

It might have been an eventful night for your kitty as they can stash it in a safe corner and get back to it when they are hungry.

However, if your furball is not eating even when there are no significant changes in their diet and environment, they may need a vet consultation. Delaying vet visits may raise potential health risks when instead your pet requires a timely diagnosis.

Cat insurance in NZ can support your pet’s medical care with a little economic burden for covered health conditions. Cheap cat insurance can be affordable and offer your munchkin the most basic medical coverage. So, compare various pet plans and sign up for a policy that best fits your kitty.